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Canon Payments provides a state of the art, white label payment gateway solution – essential infrastructural component in the card not-present industry. By being your access point to the global market, Canon Payments' Platform represents your bridge between merchants and financial institutions.

Canon Payments retains global transactions in an extremely secure environment. We are passionate about delivering high quality services and also striving to constant development of system and tools in order to establish new benchmarks in the industry. With dedicated personnel and passion for online and mobile payments, Canon Payments tends to always be your first choice technical partner.

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Fast & Easy

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Our Solutions
Seamless Integration

The Canon Payments Platform provides powerful transaction processing APIs and various other modes of integration. The tutorial provides all necessary information for a seamless integration. Our API Documentation describes how to integrate with our REST APIs and use all the services available on our platform. It provides various methods of implementing online payments in your e-commerce cart via our comprehensive services.




When enabled, Canoon Payments Platform applies dozens of rules via our 3rd party partners’ fraud mitigation engines for every transaction submitted.


Canon Payments is PCI-DSS Level 1 Certified. The compliance carries over to all our white-label customers as well.


Canon Payments Platform allows you and your merchants to accept all major International Credit and Debit cards.

Multi-Currency Processing

Canon Payments Platform supports all major currencies allowing you to expand your business across borders.


Canon Payments Platform boasts efficient development suites, including secured hosted checkout. Our Web and Mobile SDKs allow you to integrate our Gateway within minutes.


Canon Payments Platform keeps you up-to-date in real-time with transaction data and deep insights highlighting areas to further improve your business.

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